Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who Would You Rather?

From top to bottom: Minka Kelly, Megan Fox and Odette Yustman.

So this is a tough one. 

Minka Kelly has that girl next door vibe. It helps that she plays a cheerleader on Friday Night Lights. 

Megan Fox is the BA-ZOW! of this group. You look and her and your erection smacks you in the face (well mine does, not sure about you pee-wee). This girl oozes whore and if she had an STD you would probably tell her that you've been always looking to get syphilis and if she knew someone who had it.

Odette Yustman is the winner though. She is a combination of Fox and Kelly. She has the girl next door looks, but also would do very dirty things to you behind closed doors. Come on, you all saw the "Fuck me" eyes she was giving the Cloverfield monster. Yustman wins this round.



  1. What happend to Megan Fox, she looked so different at the GG's this week, it's like looking at two different people!

  2. Minka Kelly.........especially if she's wearing the cheerleader outfit.

  3. i gotta go for Megan... she's got at least a few more months left before i cheat on her and start fantasizing about other women.