Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is up with Juliet?

She's not the prettiest woman. She's not the sexiest woman. If I saw her on the road I probably wouldn't even look back. I've seen her in other roles and I don't even think twice. 

Then why is it that whenever Elizabeth Mitchell plays Juliet on Lost, I become mesmerized by her? Sure, the low cut tank top that shows off her awesome boobs that are always lathered up in fake sweat and mud help, but there is something about her. When she gives that smirk and the "fuck me" eyes, I just wonder what is going through her dirty mind. I wonder if I would be able to walk after spending a night with her. She may be the nicest, most innocent person, but I really doubt it. Hell, I'm even rambling right now just thinking about the horrible, horrible things she would do to me so it's best just to Google her nude, lesbian scene with Angelina Jolie in Gia and stop reading this post.