Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who Would You Rather? 3

Girls Next Door Edition

Kendra Wilkinson

Bridget Marquardt

Holly Madison

Let's start this off by getting rid of Bridget right off the bat. She is the oldest, the fattest (by Hollywood and Playboy standards) and the ugliest. At the Playboy Mansion, women like Bridget are usually taken back to the grotto and are Old Yellered.

Now we come down to Kendra and Holly. Kendra is easily hotter and prettier than Holly. She is into sports and plays the tomboy part well. She is probably also a really wild lay. Seems like an open and shut easy win for Kendra doesn't it? Well, no.

Now many of you won't agree with me (and I don't give a shit) but there is something about Holly that gives her the slight edge in my book. She is completely insane. Only a nutjob (or golddigger, but she could be both) would want Hef's 8,000-year-old seed in her. Holly kept talking about wanting to marry Hef and have children with him. This girl is batshit insane, which makes me think that she is all about being freaky in bed (jacuzzi, elevator, airplane). She seems the type that would do "anything" to please her guy and for that, Holly slightly edges out Kendra.



  1. Tha photo of Kendra is the best I've seen her look. I didn't recognize her untill I read the post. ok my 1 cent on this issue(2 cents is too much for this subject and the economy has gone to shit) I can't help but not be able to seperate Kendras looks from her personality and the girl might possibly be/present herself as the stupidest human to ever walk the planet, the laugh alone is grounds for her execution. She annoys me like no other. Holly is my go to gal overall because I saw her on dancing with the stars last night for a moment and she had a nice rack(no I don't watch that show, was channel surfing) Bridget is probably the most normal of the three so if this was real life I would want her as the girlfriend because she is normal and I know she has an education (journalism possibly?)and so on beyound sucking dick at a frat house. You can take her home to your folks and it's always good when you don't have to sneak around the mid 30's playboy playmate around your parents house at night!

  2. I know very little about Kendra and Holly, nothing at all about Bridget, but just by the photo, I'd pick her. Kendra's weird injected lips/face makes my skin crawl.